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Marti, 13.11.2018, 06:25
Acasă » Video » Video-urile mele

How to make an Origami Tulip

Vizualizări: 0 Adăugat de: kalean kalean 
Descrierea intrării:

Quite easy this tulip ... and as quite some people asked me about this tulip as it was starring in the daffodil video, which is quite long and not for beginners, I thought why not. wink I have also taken the opportunity to show how you can make the slightly better looking stem for both tulip and daffodil in this video (by sinking in the bottom flap... that probably makes no sense at all ... better watch the vid!! biggrin ).

Timpul de rulare al video-ului: 00:08:37
Autor: barbabellaatje
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